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Author Topic: Compressing UT packages from Explorer  (Read 1179 times)
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'Unreal Tournament servers have an option to use a redirect server to share custom packages needed for the mods and maps installed. Instead of using the connection between client and gameserver to send the package an external connection to a webserver is used which uses the full bandwidth allowing for faster downloads. To make downloads even faster you can compress the packages in .uz format, UT will decompress them after downloading.

The tool Epic made for compressing the packages is the commandline program ucc. For some the commandline seems a bit scary and programs like CompressALot with a grapical interface (and lots of other options) have been written. However you can also setup explorer to show a shortcut to compressing the unreal tournament package on rightclick. In this tutorial I will show the steps to add an association for compressing maps. The tutorial is written for WindowsXP but other operating systems should have similar options.

Go to Tools in the menubar and press Folder Options, you'll now get a setup screen where you can change the view of the mapfiles, but also filetypes.

Go to the File Types tab and select the UNR extension, this extension is normally set to open with UnrealTournament. Click on Advanced and a menu will open with the current binds to the UNR extension.

Create a new action by clicking New.

You can call the new Action Compress, set the application to:

<UT Dir>/System/ucc.exe compress %1

Now if you right click on a UNR file you can choose compress, a command window will be opened and the file compressed.

You should do the same for texture, sound, music and uscript files.

Tutorial: Rork, Screenshots: JP-sNL
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