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Author Topic: Linux Gamers Live DVD  (Read 1201 times)
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'The Linux-gamers Live DVD is a Live DVD aimed at promoting linux games. The idea is that you can take the DVD with you anywhere, stick it in a computer and play the games. The DVD contains 35 games varying from first person shooters, strategy, race and casual games whereas there's also a live CD available which contains mostly casual games. I've given the Live DVD a spin and was rather pleased with the results.

Starting up the DVD went without problems, I got some menus to specify my keyboard lay-out and which asked me wether I wanted to install the propritary graphics drivers which were detected correctly and I had a working system including sound and (non wireless) network. I've tested my Logitech Rumblepad which seemed to work ingame with Secret Maryo Chronicles. I couldn't use it in the game's menu or with Chromium B.S.U. though. It would depend on the game whether it supports joypads or not.

The first time I've tried Warsow it repeatedly crashed on me but later it seemed to work fine. Also Tremulous crashed when starting a game so I wasn't able to test it. The other games seemed to work fine.

The DVD has a wide variety of games. All the major open source first person shooters I know were installed, it's a pitty though that Tremulous and Urban Terror haven't got an option to play against bots. Having to play your first games online can be quite hard and might stop unexperienced players (like me) from trying the games simply because the the skills of experienced players can be daunting. The first person shooters are quite diverse in gameplay. Warsow and Nexiuz are competition driven while Urban Terror focuses on terrorists vs anti-terrorists and Tremulous on people vs aliens with some real time strategy elements.

There are several strategy games. Warzone 2100 has a large technology tree and unit design is a major part of the game. Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game with more options to plan forwards and plenty of time to think about your moves. It also has some RPG elements in it. Glest is more resource based. All these games require more time to learn and fully explore then a live DVD would offer but it's great to have a glance at them and play some levels.

Causal games like Frozen Bubbles or Chromium B.S.U. are good if you've got some time to fill. They are easy to learn and don't take much experience to enjoy them.

Although the DVD contains several games in the same categories those games are quite diverse and well worth exploring. If anything has to be said about the games in general it's that the visuals aren't as advanced as most modern commercial games. However years of tinkering with balance and development makes the gameplay compensate for this. With all the games the DVD could be used to turn your computer into a console for an evening of fun and the compilation of competitive games does make this DVD nice to try out on LAN parties. But the real power lies in that what it's meant for: trying out the games.'
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