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Author Topic: New year, new hacks...  (Read 1242 times)
« on: January 01, 2011, 01:54:47 pm »

'This is not a post about new year resolutions but just a short update on what I am/will be/want to be working on. Some are very concrete and already in progress, some are just a bundle of pulses in my brain, lingering there and keeping me out of my sleep. No release dates will be given so you can't bother me for that. It's done when it's done and after that I will immediately remember what I also wanted to do and keep that on the list for future versions.

If you're interested in a particular project don't hesitate to contact me, I'd be happy to share thoughts and code.

The Junkyard
I will keep updating this weblog, in the past months I managed to make about 3 or 4 posts every month and will try to keep that up or improve it. The topics were mostly about Unreal Tournament, techniques and views on web development, this blog and a few posts about open source projects. I don't think these subjects will change much and will keep posting about them. I'll also move some more articles from my old website to this site and will see if I can make some connections to the rest of the web.

Improvements of this website will be made, I'm not entirely satisfied with the navigation of the site so I'll have to make that better. I'll try to use plugins and improve them if necessary. Besides that it looks a bit boring so I hope I can add some more pictures up here.

Nucleus CMS
Besides the navigation I'd also like to make some changes in Spam Control and statistics. NP_RECaptcha is doing a great job about keeping the spammers out as long as I don't add spamcode myself. However I'm not satisfied with it's handling of spam and would like to work on that. The direction of improvements would be better logging of blocked posts. Also integration of blocking measures for spam that bypasses the captcha would be nice but for none passed the last weeks that won't be something to work on soon.

The current stats NP_Views provide are very limited. Being a stats junkie I'd like to have more and will see if I can get some improvements into it or use a different plugin. It's not a vital project so no haste will be made for this either.

Development is on it's way, I'm almost done recoding the stats pages but still have a lot to do on the admin area and importer. The goal is to make it easier to add new gametypes, customize the lay-out and improve the admin area. After that adding new stats will be something to focus on. I also want to add an install/update script. The current version is pretty stable and will do for a while so I don't have real haste at finishing it.

Unreal Tournament
This is still the main game I'm playing online and I made various scripts for it which I'd like to release after cleaning them up. There's also some UT stuff on my old website I'd like to get on here, but these articles also need some reviewing. I'll also write some stuff about Unreal Tournament on linux.

The last software I'm actively working with is Kubuntu which I'm optimizing sometimes and I started on reporting bugs. I hope I can make some posts about this too.

Brain Pulse
I know myself good enough to know I'll work on something for a couple of days/weeks, then forget about it and pick it up later. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure I will get the above projects done sometime this year but there are also some projects lingering in my had I don't think will ever be realized.

The main one is starting a portal with news, information and forums for open source first person shooters. For Unreal Tournament is still taking up much of my time and I don't really play any of these games I won't think this will actually happen.

Another thing is to improve the web experience on smartphones, while many pages are viewable quite good on a small screen there's still a problem with forums which tend to use the width or a page to print information. I'm thinking about doing a skin for SMF that's focused on smartphones.

Most things are described here shortly. I'm always thinking that some stuff would do good on other places on the web, mainly in comprehensive guides on wiki's. I'm sometimes willing to add this stuff there but usually find I'm not enough of an expert and want more background information. Maybe this will change this year and I'm able to contribute more.

I'm pretty sure the new year will bring in new projects and interests so there will be enough stuff to write about. I hope you'll enjoy reading this stuff and it will be helpful.'
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