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Author Topic: The Junkyard  (Read 1152 times)
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:29:00 am »

'Welcome to the "new" Junkyard, like the old Junkyard I will use this blog to dump my stuff on the web.

This will mainly be about the computer part of my live which regards some (linux) gaming, updates and descriptions about my modifications of the software I use for my websites and other projects I'm working on. Currently this would be Nucleus CMS for this weblog, SMF for the XOL DOG 400s Fun Server Community and UTStats which I started modifying recently.

Besides that I will post some news that I find interesting and some articles or facts about more general subjects. This will mean that my favourite articles of my old site will be reviewed and reposted here but I think it's also time to ditch some of the other articles.

I hope you'll find the stuff I post here useful or at least interesting, have fun reading the blog and feel free to leave a comment.'
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