Horizon Zero Dawn - datapoints

Submitted by Rork on Mon, 03/04/2024 - 17:45

Looking to complete the datapoints. Most of the Audio, Holgram and Text datapoints for quests and machines will be found during quests. However the Teskt datapoints on the world and Scanned Glyphs are more randomly played. These are some general notes on their location. Primarily for my own use to look later nearby, but also as a less revealing way for others to find them. Some of the mentioned spots are guesses based on nearby data points.

Text Datapoints - World

Devil's Thirst North west of Blazon Arch Unflinching Watch Cut Cliff
Windfarm North of Daytower Island south of two-teeth       Mother's crown West of Meridian Rasgrund West of Meridian
Rasgrund                 Morning Watch Lake shrine
West of Free Heap Lonesome Rock   Devil's Grief   Devil's Grief
Devil's Grief   Windfarm Amphitheatre     South Embrace     Sun Furrows    
Gaia Prime     Makers End Rustwash -

Scanned Glyphs

Meridian Bright Market Meridian
Lone light Bright Market Morning Watch   Sunstone Rock Blazon Arch -