Notes on installing Drupal 9

Submitted by Rork on Mon, 11/02/2020 - 20:08

Just some things I've experienced when I installed Drupal 9.

  • Do not add database info to sites/default/default.settings.php. The database info will be entered during installation.
  • After (minimal) installation the Theme has to be enabled. If it doesn't show up there might be a problem with CSS file aggregation. File aggregation can be disabled under Administration > Configuration > Development > Performance.
  • After (minimal) installation enable the following modules: Field UI, CKEditor, Media, Media Library, Text Editor, Taxonomy, Path, Menu UI, Custom Menu Links.
    • Taxonomy is an extra field required for the structure of the website.
    • Path is necessary to make nice urls.
    • Field UI, and Menu UI and Custom Menu Links are required to configure the way content-types are shown and edit menu's.
    • CKEditor, Media, Media Library and Text Editor are required for WYSIWYG content editing.
  • Install Pathauto and its requirements CTools and Token.
    • Pathauto suggests a path for new content based on for example content type or taxonomy vocabulary.
    • Path formats can be set in Administration > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL Aliases > Patterns.
  • Make a new Text format 'Full HTML' in Administration > Configuration > Content authoring > Text formats and editors.
    • The CKEditor can be configured for the Text format here.
  • Make a content type in Administration > Structure > Content types, eg. a simple Blog consisting of a title (default), body (default) and taxonomy.
  • Set the default front page to /node under Administration > Configuration > Basic site settings to show a list of nodes promoted to the front page.

And some issues I have to look into:

  • With Taxonomy it doesn't seem possible to add new terms when adding content, add them in Administration > Structure > Taxonomy.
  • I seem to be unable to add Lists (Views), Menus or User blocks to the layout, other blocks can be added fine, this only happens on this site and not in my development build.
  • Search only finds indexed content which has to be update by cron or manually.
  • CKEditor currently does not support the teaser break <!--break-->.
  • A 500 error occured when images are added to the text.
  • Moving towards page 2 from the main page doesn't work, however moving towards page 2 from does work.
    • This seems to be an issue with setting the default front page to /node, as the url is still / the pager will use / as the base but the page contents will not adapt to the pager. Making an url alias / for /node didn't solve that problem. I had to duplicate the frontpage view, remove the pager (set it to display 10 items) and to add a more link in the footer referring to /node?page=1 (showing the second page with the pager).