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Author Topic: UTStats player manager redesign.  (Read 1525 times)
« on: January 26, 2011, 02:19:37 pm »

'The UTStats admin area has options to manage players, matches, weapons and gametypes. The main way to manage players is to click a link which gives you a dropdown menu with all players (it also gives you a filter), select the player which you want to change, click next, select another player in case you want to merge two players and click next again. Then confirm the action which shows a page of what you've done and a link to go back to the admin page. Click the link again and modify the next player. Did you want to skip that part? So would I after merging four players let alone mass deletion of players or matches.

Therefore I wanted to redesign the player/match management, it had to have the following specifications:
  • Batch modification
  • Direct modification
  • Filter tools & Sorting
  • Relevant additional information
  • Collect players for modification
  • Modify and continue

I started with a player list with a few stats, a checkbox and a few actions. The stats shown are ip (removed in the images), efficiency, accuracy, number of games and gametime. The ip is for additional identification. Efficiency and accuracy will give an idea wether someone might be a cheater or not, games and gametime are required to complete the picture, a high efficiency in few games doesn't mean much to me.

The checkboxes are used for "harvesting" and mass modification. If you've selected a couple of players you can use the navigation and search box to find more players. The player manager will remember the selected players and "sticky" them on top of the player list. You can unselect them to forget them for the next action.

The player search has three options: name, ip and alias. You can search for partial names or ip adresses, for ip's you'll have to use * as a wildcard though. The alias search only works with a complete name, the database will be searched for other players with the same ip address.

The other option is to select an action on the bottom of the list and  click Go. This will reload the page with an extra confirmation table above the player list. If you want to merge players a dropbox is shown which allows you to select the new name. Otherwise just a confirmation button is shown. You can remove players to modify, confirm the modification or just move on with what you want to do in the player list below.

In the last column there are a few links for direct modification, click the link and you'll get the confirmation table like on mass modification. Selected players will stay sticky in the player list.

When you confirmed an action the page will show a table that shows the results. Below that there's the player list again so you can continue where you started.'
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