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Author Topic: Best waves: januari 2011  (Read 1433 times)
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:15:59 pm »

'Surfing along the best planets and catching up some good winds I picked up some nice waves this month again. To continue on last weeks trip I'll start with some design & development but there's also more on kubuntu.

To head on with last month's links Aurélien continued on his series of Common user interface mistakes. This time he takes a look at message boxes making you think about whether you need them, what you should display and which buttons you use.

Harry Verveer wrote an article about Database version control. It describes how to handle database changes between package versions. I haven't read the full article yet but I'm sure it will come in handy with UTStats development.

Speaking about version control Dave Rolsky wrote a howto for the changes file. He uses examples to describe what should and shouldn't go in there.

Michael Maclean reviewed a couple of php cms's in his own way. He looked at coding rather then plain usability. As he describes it doesn't have to be a hard criteria but good coding says something about the project itself.

A friend told me about another tool to update Ubuntu. Handily OMG! Ubuntu! wrote an article about the tool: Keryx. It allows you to download upgrades on another (Linux or Windows) computer and transfer them via an USB-Stick.

Dagolden wrote about the how's and why's of HTTP::Tiny a perl module for retrieving and mirroring webpages which is a lot lighter then the current libwww.

Ubuntugamer featured an article about graphics drivers. It compares license, support and performance of the Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphics drivers. According to the article ATI took over Nvidias position as best graphic card for Linux.'
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