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UTStats CTF screenshots
This is a package of about 300 screenshots of custom Unreal Tournament capture the flag maps, it's meant as an addition to the official Screenshot package and shouldn't contain any double maps. There's a list of all the maps here
A perl script that reads your UT cache.ini and moves the files to the appropriate directories and their real name if possible.
A perl script that extracts and return the dependencies from an Unreal Tournament package intended to be used on UT maps. There is a little manual to go with it so be sure to read the POD documentation
IRC script: UT kill slapping
A simple IRC script I made as variant on mIRC's trout slapping, this script uses Unreal Tournament kill messages instead of the trout. There is a mIRC and a Konversation version.
IRC script: Hello world
A simple script for mIRC that says hi in about 22 languages
A perl script that takes all sokoban map files (.xsb) in the directory and combines them in one file seperated by a newline and the mapnumber. Originally designed for KSokoban but it might work for other Sokoban games too.
A calculator written in Perl/Tk I made for fun, unlike normal calculators this one uses Roman numerals instead of decimals.
My first program in Perl/Tk which has been redone later, it is a GUI which makes it easy to view and edit the contents of a SDBM database. The program has an unlimited undo/redo function.
A Perl module for retrieving info from servers for games using the Gamespy protocol. It is written and tested for Unreal Tournament but might also work for other games.
A small Unreal Tournament CTF map for 2-4 players in a castle like setting. Ofcourse there are many trickjumps built into the map but I think gameplay is mediocre. It's currently still in a beta version, maybe I'll finish it soon.